Saturday, June 23, 2012

Sleep apnea and carbohydrate craving

Sleep apnea can bring on a lot of changes to a person’s lives, and all of them are bad.  The simplest change being the lack of sleep the prior night and how it effects your day at work no matter what type of job you have. A few nights and days like that will quickly increases your stress that you are carrying around which in turn makes you a less effective worker and someone that could possibly have a problem with high blood pressure among other things.  Diabetes is also another potential problem with sleep apnea sufferers. In fact a recent study has shown that folks with diabetes-2 have a higher carbohydrate craving.

There are been numerous studies that show the connection between diabetes and sleep apnea. According to the InternationalDiabetes Foundation 40 % of folks with obstructive sleep apnea also have diabetes.  That number is really extraordinary and troubling at the same time.  Sleep apnea by itself is bad enough but it also worry about becoming diabetic can make you want to give the CPAP another try.

The study that linked carbohydrate craving and sleep apnea had 55 people in it and half were diabetic and of that group 82 percent had sleep apnea. The study also showed that the diabetics were twice as likely to have carbohydrate craving as those without diabetes.

Why would sleep apnea lead to carbohydrate cravings?

Once again according to the study…

"Previous studies have shown that sleep deprivation may lead to changes in hormones that regulate appetite and hunger” and “these hormonal changes can lead to significant craving for high-calorie carbohydrates such as cookies, candy, breads, rice and potatoes. The current study supports previous findings by validating this in a community sample of diabetics."

They also imply that just treating the diabetes wouldn’t be enough to stop the craving; the sleep apnea will have to be corrected as well.  Which of course is easier said than done.

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