Thursday, April 30, 2009

Blood pressure and sleep apnea

A few weeks ago I posted a message that I received from a friend on Facebook. He wrote about his problems with the UCPP operation and his use of the cpap. I recently received another very informative message from him about his blood pressure and why his heart has suffered from long term sleep apnea. I may have to consider using the cpap again.

“I am going to give you some news that may help motivate you, it did me. I was having what I thought was heart problems and kept thinking that it was gall bladder. Through a series of test they found my gall bladder was doing fine. I was getting to the point of worrying about wife, kids and me not making it long term for them. I went in for a reaction to prilosec that caused a rash and my blood pressure that day was 190/130. I have never been over 140/90 my entire life, that I knew of. They did labs and other to find out why I am still so tired while taking testosterin injects and taking provigil for sleeping apnea and being able to stay awake during the day. The found what my problem was after two years of body makes too much blood and the heart was just racing during those times trying to pump to much blood for the body. The cause------a 10 year or more denial of sleep apnea and my body was making to much blood to account for all of the times that I stop breathing. I am still battling prolong use of CPAP but know that my health/life depends upon the success of it. Stay strong and keep up the faith for God knows all and even though we do not understand why there is a reason. Your gift could be when you reach out like this to help others. We were never promised a rose garden, but your family and friends can help you. Good luck with beating the CPAP machine.....Andrew"

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