Thursday, April 23, 2009

The Krebs cycle and sleep apnea

There is a lot written about sleep apnea’s overweight patients and how the majority of sleep apnea patients are overweight and that’s probably true. But sleep apnea might also be the cause of weight gain.

Recently I came across something called the Krebs cycle, the technical name is tricarboxylic acid cycle, but we will call it the Krebs cycle. It is a chemical reaction in cells that use oxygen in the respiratory process. The Krebs cycle produces a rich energy compound called Adenosine triphosphate or ATP which in turn gives cell the energy from the breakdown of glucose and the oxidation of fats.

So the Krebs cycle is very important to the well being of man. Unfortunately sleep apnea can disrupt this cycle and the metabolic rate. Lack of sleep interrupts the Krebs cycle causing the body to sense a disruption in the storage of energy in the cells. This in turn slows the body’s metabolism and the fat remains where it is at.

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