Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Sleep fragmentation and sleep apnea

The sleep apnea community has been growing annually at an alarming rate. Whether it is due to gaining weight or the shape of your face blockage occurs in the back of your throat causing you to wake up possibly hundred of time each night. Sleep apnea is one of the top and most talked about sleep disorders. Even if you don’t have any sleep disorders restless nights do occur. Sleep fragmentation can happen to anyone.

What is sleep fragmentation?

Sleep fragmentation is being deprived of sleep and the interruption of sleep stages due to things like stressful events that happened to you, new medication, eating too much right before you go to bed and not keeping a regular sleeping routine. Unfortunately the end result will be daytime drowsiness that can negatively affect your sleep for the following nights. Not to mention the effects it will have on you on your daytime activities.

Although insomnia may also be caused by some of the same things as Sleep fragmentation there is a different between the two. With insomnia you have difficulty going to sleep and staying asleep whereas sleep fragmentation there are constant interruptions.

Of course with sleep apnea your sleep fragmentation can be corrected by using the CPAP machine, dental devices or surgeries.

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