Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Worry, Stress and sleep apnea

It has been a rather difficult time lately for me. My meniere’s disease has gotten worse and I will have to have a procedure to help alleviate it. The recovery time after the procedures is a few months. Right now I am on short term disability. So there is a lot of worry and stress and sleepless nights because of this and sleep apnea.

Lack of rest due to sleep disorders (sleep apnea) can lead to many complications such as heart disease and diabetes but also emotional problems such as depression. But this time in my life it seems that the worry and stress has made my sleep apnea worse. I find that I am unable to fall asleep as quickly as I usually do. I lay in bed for what seems like hours. I’m tired but I just can’t fall asleep. I know I shouldn’t take any sedatives but lately I have tried some and they don’t seem to help much they only give me headaches.

Before the latest meniere’s problems, I didn’t rest that much, but not it seems like I don’t get any rest at all. Since I am at home during the day I can take a nap but I find that even difficult. I’m sure that stress and worry plays a big part in it. Hopefully when things calm down with my meniere’s disease I will rest better.

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