Sunday, May 30, 2010

Do you keep the windows open at night if you have sleep apnea

In the spring before it gets too hot I like to sleep with the windows open. The air is refreshing and usually cool which is conductive for sleeping. Unfortunately there are also problems having the windows open especially if you have sleep apnea.

If you have sleep apnea and can’t use a cpap then you know how difficult it is to get any sleep in any situation. Having a comfortable surrounding as well as a comfortable mattress is very important. In a previous post I wrote about how the room temperature needs to be cool if not cold. You would think in the spring the evening air would be perfect for sleeping but there are problems. Noise is always a problem especially if you live in an apartment or a house that is close to others. TVs blaring, dogs barking, people talking very loud and the list goes on. And I am sure that your neighbors in an apartment building aren’t too thrilled about hearing your snoring.

Pollen is another problem because it forces you to close the windows and this makes the house usually stuffy but if you are gasping for air pollen you will take it in.

Now if you are able to use a cpap then having the window open isn’t so bad because the noise is drowned out by the machine and the air that you take in comes from the cpap which has a filter. Unfortunately I can’t use a cpap. So I will turn the air up, shut the windows and forget about the fresh air.

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