Sunday, July 11, 2010

Some rest with the cpap is better than none

When I first was diagnosed with sleep apnea I really didn’t know anything about the disorder let alone the treatments. I had heard a little from a friend about the cpap but not much. My friend had a difficult time with it and gave up on it. Like a lot of people it was just too uncomfortable for him. if you have read my blog before you know that I had pretty much the same experience with it. I thought that wearing the cpap was making matters worse rather than better. Looking back I don’t know if that is entirely correct.

High expectations

I don’t know why I had such high expectations about the cpap machine. My friend had given me his horror story of the trying to use the cpap but still I thought that I could make the adjustment. For some reason I though that the adjustment would literally be over night! I would instantly fall asleep and feel fantastic the following day. As a matter of fact at the first sleep clinic that I went to they showed me a video about this guy who had sleep apnea and then started to use the cpap. Not surprising the cpap worked great for him and he felt wonderful! Well maybe that could happen to me also.

Of course it didn’t. I had troubles right from the start, all the usual problems air leaking, dry mouth and the noise of the machine was too much. It seemed that every night I would end up taking the mask off. I probably was benefiting from it for the little time that I used it but my mind set was that I was going to sleep like a baby or not use it at all. That was probably a bad decision on my part

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