Monday, March 2, 2009

The Impact of Sleep Apnea on your family

My father had sleep apnea. Of course at that time no one ever spoke about it. It wasn't till years later that I heard what that strange snoring that came from my father. It certainly had an impact on my family. My mother had to try to sleep each night listening to that droning and it wasn't like my sister and I couldn't hear it. We lived in a small house and our bedrooms were next to each other's.

But probably the greatest impact was on my father's health. He had his first heart attack at the age of 48. His doctor wrote it off as the combination of hereditary and a bad diet. Never was it mentioned that he was damaging his heart by his disruptive sleeping. It wasn't till years after he died and I started to have problems did I realize that sleep apnea played a big part in him having heart problems.

I am in my fifties now and I have tried all kinds of masks and none of them have worked. I've been to many doctors (ENTs) and they have all made suggestions, mostly about having surgery.
I might go that route but I don't know yet because surgery is invasive and doesn't always work.
But I also have a family now too, so I have to think about the impact of my sleep apnea on them.

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