Thursday, March 26, 2009

Sleep apnea and the full face mask

After my first sleep study I was told that I slept with my mouth open all night. I already knew that and so did my wife. Apparently the significance of that was that I would need a full face mask with my cpap machine.

The next sleep study was scheduled and this time I would be fitted for a cpap. There was a little mix up at the sleep clinic because when I arrived they didn’t have a full face mask just one that covered over the nose. The mask was put on and the machine started. The technician told me that I had to keep my mouth shut or the air would blow out of my mouth.

How was I supposed to do that? I tried to sleep but the thought of just breathing through my nose was unnatural to me. I keep opening my mouth and the weird sensation of the air leaving my mouth occurred.

The technician was getting irritated with me. He came into the room carrying what looked like a strap. He wrapped the strap under my jaw and over my head. He assured me that this would help me keep my mouth. It kept me mouth closed but it was so uncomfortable that I didn’t sleep a wink.
The technician claimed that I had slept enough to calibrate the cpap. A technician came out to the house and went over the cpap with me. I immediately had problems with air leakage around the mask. I put tape around the mask to block the leakage but it still didn’t help. And of course the noise of the machine bothered me also.

Someday I might give it another try but not anytime soon.

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