Sunday, April 18, 2010

Sleep apnea and pollen

While I was growing up pollen didn’t seem to bother me like it bothered other folks. I grew up in Western Pennsylvania and the pollen really wasn’t that bad there. I didn’t experience how bad pollen could be till I moved to Georgia many years ago. The pollen is so great that it covers everything with a green slimy layer. Right now we are in the midst of one of the worse pollen seasons that I can remember. Not only do I have problems during the day with sore eyes and a runny nose, my sleep apnea seems to be worse this time of the year also.

No matter if you keep the doors and the windows shut the pollen still seems to get into the house. Maybe it is the air conditioning that lets the pollen through, I don’t know for sure, but somehow it gets in. While I am trying to sleep (as good as anyone with untreated sleep apnea can) the pollen gets into my throat and I will usually wake up with a scratchy throat. I have been taking benadryl at night but that really doesn’t help much. Anyway benadryl is a sedative which I have to be careful taking because I also take a sedative for my meniere’s disease. Too many sedatives aren’t good for someone with sleep apnea.

Well hopefully the pollen season will pass in a few weeks which will be a relief to me and others who suffer from it.

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