Sunday, May 23, 2010

Finding information about sleep apnea

It used to be that sleep apnea was a strange term that few people had heard of. The phrase sleep apnea wasn’t even used till 1978 when a Harvard Physician Dr. John Remmer first coined the phrase Obstructive Sleep apnea. And the cpap wasn't invented till 1981. So the public has really been aware of this problem only for the last thirty years or so. But now with obesity on the rise in children and adults it has become a real problem. The question is, where can you find information about sleep apnea?

  • The American Sleep Apnea foundation has a wonderful website with quite a bit of information plus it has a terrific forum where sleep apnea patients help each other out with advice and encouragement.  
  • For basic information about sleep apnea the National Institutes of Health has a website that describes sleep apnea and goes over the root causes and the general treatments for sleep apnea. They also have interesting animation that shows how the airway is blocked at night. 
  • National Center on Sleep Disorders Research is another government site dedicated to not only sleep apnea but other sleep disorders as well. 
  • Doctor Steven Park's website is well known as a great place to find out everything you wanted to know about sleep apnea, the causes, treatments and anything else about it. It is definitely worth subscribing to.


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