Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Sleep apnea might be good for elderly

When I saw this headline I couldn’t even possibly conceive of anyway that sleep apnea is good for anyone. I know the waking up constantly and being tired the next day hasn’t helped me, not to mention what it does to my heart. But according to an Israeli study sleep apnea might be good for the elderly.

A leading sleep apnea expert, Dr. Peretz Lavie and his wife, cell researcher Dr. Lena Lavie have come to the conclusion that moderate sleep apnea can extend the life of the elderly. They did a research with 600 people over the age of 70. The whole premise is that older patients get their blood from a larger number of arteries than those without sleep apnea. These additional arteries (called collaterals) give them more blood than those who don’t have sleep apnea. These finding may lead to a new way of looking at protecting the heart.

This is the first that I have heard about it and it sounds exciting, although I am a little skeptical because my father died when he was older from heart problems and he had sleep apnea pretty bad. I would still think that finding a solution to sleep apnea would be better in the long run.

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